Orlando Sanchez has proved himself as the number one heavy weight grappler in the world time and time again. He solidified his status in 2015 by being one of four Americans at that time to win the prestigious ADCC since its conception. In 2017, just weeks after suffering from congestive heart failure due to atrial fibrillation, he took a run at gold again. During his final match, he took a blow to the head, which eventually led to 15 stitches and a concussion. After getting bandaged up halfway through the finals match, one of the most iconic and unforgettable moments of the 2017 adcc was captured. In collaboration with Shoyoroll, we have created a shirt in commemoration of that moment.

BIGOFTW, it’s more than letters, it’s a lifestyle.

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When will my shirt arrive?

We are currently taking preorders through the end of August 2018. We plan to ship in 4-6 weeks.

What kind of shirts are these?

We are making these shirts in collaboration with Shoyoroll. They are the highest quality 100% cotton shirts.

Will this shirt make my jiujitsu better?

No but it will make you look bad ass.

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